Workplace & Construction Site Safety Inspections

Health and Safety inspections of a workplace, site, department or place of work are seen as an essential part of any Health and Safety Management system.

Undertaking and performing thorough checks on a regular basis allows you to identify and control potential hazards and ensure employees and other individuals are not put at risk.

We can carry out full health and safety inspections of the physical aspects of your premises, as well as your health and safety documentation.

We will also produce full reports for you that will show:

  • Observations made and any hazards we identify
  • The level of risk we associate with the hazard (High, Medium or Low)
  • Any recommendations that we feel will enable your organisation to achieve or ensure ongoing legal compliance or best practice.

Some areas of working can be more hazardous places, such as construction sites. We are also able to combine our inspections of the workplace with briefing sessions or toolbox talks.

A tool box talk, or briefing session are an excellent way to get the safety message across about a specific hazard or situation to your employees, sub-contractors or others at a point in time or regularly through a contract.

These talks will also provide evidence that an employer is fulfilling their legal obligations to give employees and others information, instruction and training to protect their wellbeing whilst at work.

Inspection reports are usually emailed to clients but we can also handwrite them and issue to your representative on site if needed.

We can undertake inspections on an ongoing or ad hock bases and we can also include them as part of our yearly retained support contracts.

To find out more or to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our health and safety experts, contact us today.

Construction site Safety Inspections

As we are all aware, even with the fantastic improvements that have been seen over recent years, construction sites can be hazardous places. To mitigate risk, our safety inspections of your works can be combined with toolbox talks. These talks provide evidence that an employer is fulfilling legal obligations to give employees and subcontractors’ information and training to protect their wellbeing. We also undertake a large number of safety inspections of construction sites for clients who have engaged contractors to build, refurbish, or demolish buildings and workplaces. We give a genuine, warts and all, third party view of how the site is being run by your principle contractor including their adherence to their own Safety policies and assessments and how they are managing the sub contractors. This service can be undertaken on works that are both notifiable as well as those that are non notifiable under the requirements of the Construction Design and Management Regulations. To find out more or to arrange a free initial consultation contact us today


Occupiers Liability Act for Inspections


The Occupiers Liability Act 1957 refers to the duty owed by land owners to those who come onto their land.

From the 1984 amendment this also gives protections to those who might come onto the land who are not wanted or invited, including trespassers, those who might do you harm and persons occupying your land or premises without your permission!

Landowners can transfer the duty to others, that’s why the term is ‘occupiers’ rather than land owners.

The question of whether a particular person is an occupier is a question of fact and depends on the degree of control exercised. The test applied is one of ‘occupational control’ and there may be more than one occupier of the same premises:

The terms can be misleading though in that physical occupation is not needed and it’s not just about land but also about any and all buildings on the land whether in use or not , what you do, or don’t do on the land, how you protect it and if there are any Allurements that would be seen to encourage others on.

A&S Safety have been providing quality, pragmatic and realistic advice to landowners for a number of years exploring what would be seen to have been a reasonable control to provide a defence should ‘someone’, (including trespassers and illegal occupation situations) come to harm on your land.

This includes areas such as country parks, industrial estates, brown and greenfield development land banks, common areas and commercial premises.

Often overlooked until incident occurs, the courts have been proactive and decisive in their interpretation of the law and have shown clear direction in levying big fines for those who do not implement reasonable controls to adequately protect others from coming onto or suffering harm on their land and areas of responsibility.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the liability that the Act places on you, and how we can help you ensure you are doing enough to not only comply with but to demonstrate best practice for all who interact with your land, your buildings, and your common areas.

We’ll also be happy to show you examples of our Annual in-depth and quarterly high-level inspections that we undertake for a number of clients around the country and how they can assist you in providing that defence that you will need to show should incident occur.

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