Risk Assessment

Under UK Health and Safety law, all companies and organisations with 5 or more employees are required to carry out written health and safety risk assessments for reasonably foreseeable risks covering all significant hazards.

The Health & Safety Executive guidance details a 5-step approach to conducting these assessments and includes.

Identifying the hazards present in the workplace.

Identify those at risk from the hazards, including employees, contractors and visitors.

Evaluate the risk by looking at the likelihood of incidents and accidents as well as the consequences from them. You should also evaluate any existing controls that are in place to reduce risks to see if they are adequate or decide on others to protect employees and others.

Record findings on a suitable form.

Review the assessment on a regular basis or when things change, such as when new equipment is installed, processes change or accidents occur.

How we can help

A&S Safety has many years’ experience undertaking the risk assessment process for our clients and a range of services is offered.

Working with you we can undertake your risk assessments on your behalf for you to further edit and fit into your organisation.

We can also support you through the assessment process by supplying the appropriate risk assessment forms. We can even design your own form that adopts your corporate identity.

We will also train your employees who will be undertaking the assessments and we will also give you feedback on any completed assessments if needed.

Additionally, for companies undertaking works in the construction sectors we are able to produce generic based risk assessments and method statements that can be modified to suit.

We also produce site specific risk assessments, Safe Systems of Work and safety procedures.

Specific risk assessments

Certain types of hazard require specific risk assessments

Manual Handling Assessments should consider the tasks being carried out, the loads being handled and the work environment, as well as the people involved.

Fire Risk Assessments must be undertaken for all non-domestic premises and centre on the potential for fire, how to prevent it and how to ensure life and building safety in the event of a fire.
Hazardous substances in the work place need a COSHH risk Assessment.

This means that the Safety data sheet will not go far enough in the eyes of the law

All computer users are entitled to an individual display screen equipment assessment.
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