In a matter of days and weeks the coronavirus Pandemic has changed the world of work for everyone.

Home Working, zoom meetings, Furlough, Self-Isolation, Social Distancing, are all new words and terms that are becoming normal areas of conversation as we all look to make sense out of our changed world.

At A&S Safety we have been working with our clients to develop their risk assessment procedures and methods of working so that businesses can survive whilst keeping everyone in the workplace as safe as is possible.

We’ve also been working closely with our client group to develop home working procedures that enable employees the ability to work safely in their own homes but also mean that the employer is complying with the Health and Safety requirements that remain their responsibility.

It’s a strange and changing time so please contact us to see how we can help and assist you with the responsibilities of:

  • Home Working procedures and policies
  • DSE Assessments and home set up
  • Coronavirus Workplace Assessments
  • Driving and Travelling Coronavirus Assessments and procedures
  • Coronavirus Workplace Layout Implementation measures
  • Coronavirus PPE requirements.